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Awnings are a cost effective way to provide shade and protection from the weather! Excellent for Residential and Commercial properties, Awnings come in a variety of styles, sizes and materials (eg. Mesh PVC, Acrylic Canvas, waterproof PVC) making them one of the most versatile window furnishings out there!


Styles of Awnings include:

  • Folding Arm Awning
  • Titan Awning
  • Lewens Folding Arm Awning
  • Side Channel Awning
  • Auto Awning
  • Rope & pulley Straight Drop Awning
  • Convertible Awning
  • Fixed guide Awning
  • Ilios Pivot Arm Awing
  • Ilios Wire Guide Awning
  • Straight Drop Awing


Common uses for Residential Homes and Commercial Properties:

  • Protect wood framed doors and windows from the elements. Allowing them to last longer!
  • Flexible shade from the Sun for patrons of a local Café
  • Window Accessory with branding for your business
  • Balconies and Pergolas for protection from the elements


Benefits of Awnings:

  • Retract out of the way when not in use
  • Protection from the elements – Wind, Sun & Rain
  • Privacy Screening
  • Cover large areas – up to 12m wide and extend up to 4m from wall


Optional Extras available for motorised Awnings only:

  • Wind sensors - recognises when it’s too windy and it will automatically retract your awning in for you.
  • Sun sensor - it will detect whether the awning is receiving too much sun and will extend the awning out automatically for you


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